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Audrey L. Woodley Launches 7 C.P.R. Principles ™ V.I.P. Group to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Learn how to own your own niche and bank on your brand story.

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Chicago, IL- July 26, 2016- Women in Chicago and beyond are being encouraged to gear up for success with Audrey Woodley’s  7 C.P.R. Principles™ V.I.P. Group. Designed for women who are ready to take their brands to the next level, but are unsure of what steps to take to get there, Audrey’s 7-week online course will help them to make sense of it all.

With power-packed materials and knowledgeable speakers, the 7 C.P.R. Principles™  V.I.P. group will also include live master classes, an action plan and templates, a private Facebook group where women can get instant access to branding tools and more for their businesses and collaborate with other like-minded women, and as an added bonus, get the Celebrity Brand Beauty Box filled with goodies to help them take their brand to the next level.

Known as the brand therapist, Audrey Woodley is committed to ensuring every woman entrepreneur and boss leader who encounters her program leaves with the tools they need to maximize their brand vision and position their products or services in the marketplace.

Audrey commented, “ While the number of successful women entrepreneurs in the U.S. and beyond continues to grow, many do not have the tools or coaching strategies they need to adequately position their brand. With the experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years, I’ve developed a great plan that will truly help women entrepreneurs to flourish in their businesses.”

The 7 C.P.R. Principles™  V.I.P. Group is just one of several initiatives crafted by Audrey to help women in business. For more information about this program or to register, visit

About Audrey Woodley

Audrey L. Woodley is a Chicago-based business trailblazer, empowerment coach, speaker and bestselling author. As the founder of Better Destination Media and Embrace Your Beauty, Audrey equips women with the strategies, tools and resources they need to dominate the marketplace and find fulfillment in their personal lives. As the founder of Changing Oasis, Inc., Audrey leverages her vast experience in education and leadership, and partnerships with major brands, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, WeAreONYX, JoMalone, Black Women’s Expo, and Panera Bread, to nurture the minds of young people, and groom them for a successful future. Visit Audrey online at

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