153677281_resizedOftentimes as entrepreneurs, we are overwhelmed with too many ideas, too many possibilities for where our business could take us next. We find ourselves lost in thought about what is going to our “next big hit”, and how much we really need to make it happen!

We have so many dreams, ideas, and good intentions, but not enough time, patience, money, or knowhow to back them up.

The sleepless nights and stressful days are a telltale sign of confusion, and certainly are not moving you forward in your business, or in life. If you see yourself in these words, it’s time to take a step back and take an honest and in depth look at where you are headed.

Two years ago, I made the decision to walk in my purpose. I invested in coaching, as well as programs that would help build my inner being. This lead to me creating an online blog talk radio show, and interviewing various influencers that have been successful in starting their own business. The people who already had been where I aspired to be!

I quickly discovered a common denominator between these inspirational people, and that was that they all had a true passion. More importantly, they were fulfilling a need to a niche market. They didn’t have to chase it down, they were working with their gifts, it looked almost effortless! And for most, their ventures began as an extra stream of income, and later developed into a full time business.

This year, on The Beauty of Business Tour, I was lucky enough to catch up with Kachelle Kelly , from Houston, Texas. This wonderful opportunity allowed my listeners and I the chance to connect with a woman that shared my passions, and those of many others – coaching, traveling, and spreading the word of God’s love.

Kachelle Kelly, Founder of Dream Hustle Pray, was on her 7 city tour when she stopped by Chicago to share her program. Eagerly awaiting her arrival were business women who were looking to learn how to take their business to the next level.

The intimate setting of Kachelle’s workshop allowed us to truly connect with one another, and took the level of commitment and interaction within the group to a whole new level. Her business and coaching styles are both so dynamic, you simply can’t help but notice her passion, drive, and love of the Bible Principle’s.

Many of us experienced massive “ah-ha!” moments and breakthroughs on that day.

I realized that I had been forcing aside my teaching position, a reaction inspired by the hurt I felt toward the school that had cut back on my position. I had been trying so hard to avoid saying “I am a math teacher”, but then Kachelle said “Why would you want to leave a corporate career when it’s still paying you? You don’t have to leave your paid job, but instead can fuse your corporate job with your entrepreneurial business!”

That’s when my eyes bulged and I proudly said “Yes, I’m a teacher. TeacherPreneur!”

I decided that I’m going to infuse my new found positive attitude into everything I do from now on, and use it to turn my coaching business around!

The Dream Pray Hustle was definitely a game changer (and life saver!) for me. I was able to openly acknowledge my passion for teaching, see how I can use that passion to rebuild my personal brand and business, and thank God for being patient with me on this entrepreneurial journey.

Kachelle Kelly’s 4 hour workshop will light a fire under you to get moving in your business, while walking you through the key strategies you need to build a successful business brand! In her Hustle Boss Box, you will find a #31Prayers book, journal, and other items that Kachelle uses to help her express her spiritual personality.

God gave us all a gift, and more than that, He has given us purpose. Don’t be so concerned by what others are doing, that you don’t see the path that has been laid out before you. Stay focused on discovering the vision that God has for you, and you will be able to find success in an area you are passionate about, while enjoying it every step of the way!.