Want your brand to become a trending topic on social media? Some of it happens by just sheer luck and really good timing. But it’s not that hard to be intentionally strategic with some simple steps to up your social media game and have thousands of followers sharing your brand message for free. Here are eight simple steps for social media success.

1.     Create a Brand Pitch

If you’re going to take this social media game seriously, then you definitely need to spend time to develop a creative brand pitch. To get started, develop two or three solutions to your clients’ main problems. The brand pitch lets clients know that you are aware of the issues which concern them and that you offer services that will help to fix these problems. Your brand story leads the client through a story that explains how they will benefit from the services that you offer.

2.     Determine The Call to Action

There are many ways to double your social media following and one of the simplest of these is to build your email list. It’s very easy to add a Call To Action feature to your website where visitors can sign up for promotional emails, through which you can target customers on your mailing list with a further Call To Action. If you have a WordPress site, you could also integrate the app inside of the WordPress plug-in to capture data from website traffic that will give you a better understanding of your main clients.

3.     Decide where to use the message on Social Media

With a new social media platform popping up every so often, it’s easy to feel like your message should be on each one of them. However, it’s more important to create a signature style product and service, and use your voice to increase awareness for your brand on each platform where your target demographic is present. Your digital media profile is an extension of the brand that speaks directly to your ideal client. If you want quick sales of products, use Instagram. However, if you wish to promote a webinar, it’s better to use Google and Facebook. Each platform serves a different purpose and builds your accountability with the clients who use them.

4.     Develop the necessary digital assets for each social media platform

Some social media platforms work faster than others. If you want a quick response from media messages, you would use Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. For a more focused read and to reach professional groups, LinkedIn is the go-to platform. For social promotion and group masterminds, Facebook groups, Google+, and Linkedin are ideal for these purposes. Use data from website traffic to help you decide where to place content to reach your ideal clients.

5.     Create a Press Release

Wow, you’re almost there! Now that you have a wonderful service or product to share, it’s time to spread the word far and wide. For the official launch, create a professional press release and send it local journalists and media. To get maximum benefit from the press release, ensure that it has clear and relevant information that will entice people to want to know more about the product/services that you offer.  Add links to published articles to social media posts so your followers and customers can see what you’ve been up to.


6.     Host an introductory Podcast and video with your Power Statement

There is so much technology out there that you can take advantage of to propel your business forward. These days, it’s entirely possible to run a successful business and let everyone know just by using the internet radio shows. In this case, each show acts as your own brand product presenting information directly to your audience. #SoundCloud, #Spreaker, and Apple Inc. are some of the options that let you use your voice to broadcast your power statement anywhere and anytime you want.

7.     Install contact apps like MailChimp, Request a Call

Listen, have you ever read a post and were eager share it, but the option just wasn’t available? Well, most of the time when people want you to take action, you’ll see a prompt or Call To Action (CTA) attached to the message. The Call to Action is your way of communicating to potential customers the next step that you want them to take. Simple action words like Click and Share, Purchase this ticket, Call this number, etc. are very effective in convincing a fair amount of persons on the mailing list to complete the desired action.

8.     Develop a Facebook group – if applicable

After you have completed the previous steps, add a Facebook group ad to continue building the relationships with potential customers. Host regular chats, welcome attendees and create a learning atmosphere for you and your potential talent. The whole purpose of this group is to provide an avenue where customers can freely give feedback about the product/service. It’s also super easy to host periodical contests and giveaways to keep them interested in the brand.

It’s never too late!

If you think you’re late to the social media party, then get started right away on these eight steps. Get creative with the content, develop shareable posts and take note of your clients’ interests on each social media platform. With a little ingenuity, you can build a loyal following of customers who are eager to share your brand message within their social media circles and boost your brand’s success.

SUMMARY: Social media success can seem like a daunting dream for entrepreneurs and small businesses but it really boils down to being strategic with the message, the content and timing. The article expounds on eight steps to successfully launch your brand on social media platforms.