Embracing My Beauty Empowerment Expos(ure)

An important basis for the fundamental growth of a business is EXPOSURE.

Our GOAL is in our name; we want to EMPOWER the new professional business owner and entrepreneur with the confidence and the skills needed to expose their products and services to more potential customers in a way that stays true to the BEAUTY of their individual personalities and their life goals. Embracing My Beauty Empowerment Expos” mission is to help effectively and efficiently grow small businesses through vending Expos.


At Embracing My Beauty Empowerment Expos, we have endeavored to develop and implement a plan with strategically organized monthly events that provide a forum to help our vendors showcase their business, brands, products and services; thereby exposing their businesses to more potential customers and/or clients. Most of our scheduled events and activities are based on a collective and collaborative efforts model that serves as support in helping our vendors’ businesses succeed on an individual basis.

Educational and informational training and seminars will be made available to help our business vendors attain the foundational knowledge needed for more successful business operations. One of our primary goals is to help our business vendors learn best business approaches and practices for improved sales.

We believe that the life blood of any thriving business is its customer or client base.  However, if no one knows about your business, the services it provides or the products it sells then your business will not thrive or survive and it will eventually die. No one likes to be described as someone who operates in a vacuum, yet we often do things that would suggest that we are working alone and without any outside support. And, while a vacuum is efficient at picking up dust and debris with most of the powerful action taking place on its inside; you however will not be efficient at building your business all by yourself. At the very least, a business needs support in the form of customers.  So, Embracing My Beauty Empowerment Expos will sponsor and/or identify several networking events that give business owners opportunities to initiate and cultivate relationships with other businesses in an effort to build alliances. Once created and cultivated, it is our hope that an alliance between business owners can mutually benefit all involved through the implementation of an agreed upon reciprocal referral system to help grow the customer base of each individual business.