The Standard of Beauty Officially Redefined: The Former and New Miss USA’s Crowned in Natural Hair

By now we know that natural hair is more than just a trend. Trends come and go, and are usually a temporary expression influenced by pop culture. The substance behind the natural hair movement is what keeps it going and growing. More than a fashion trend, many black women are transitioning into their natural hair as a way of liberation in a society that criminalizes black hair… yes you read that right, young women both in the U.S. and overseas were either suspended from school, humiliated by teachers, or worst handcuffed for protesting for the right to wear their hair in its natural state; that’s when reality sunk in, this natural hair thing is more than a thing, it’s a powerful force requiring society to accept black women in their natural state. Not to mention the U.S. military natural hair restrictions that caused so much uproar from the natural hair community, the military was forced to change its policy to be inclusive of natural hair.

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The Beauty of Your Brand Story.

The Benefits Of Having A Solid Brand Story + A FREE Discovery Call

A career woman is very much like a rare bird, not because there aren’t many out there, but because seeing driven women can be very inspiring. This is one aspect of your career you have to take full advantage of.

A good brand story can be the single driving force that pushes your business to the top, it is that powerful.

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What Your Brand Is Saying About Your Hustle

Oftentimes as entrepreneurs, we are overwhelmed with too many ideas, too many possibilities for where our business could take us next. We find ourselves lost in thought about what is going to our “next big hit”, and how much we really need to make it happen! We have...

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Good Morning, if you missed Yamaia Luxx Showroom Interview and Fashion Chat with Melody Boykin Black Fashion Week USA. Please tune in with Social Media Guru Tracey Ohh-Seven Bondon the set to capture it all...."YAMAIA speaks at Audrey Woodley's Embrace Your Beauty...

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