The Benefits Of Having A Solid Brand Story + A FREE  Discovery  Call

A career woman is very much like a rare bird, not because there aren’t many out there, but because seeing driven women can be very inspiring. This is one aspect of your career you have to take full advantage of.

A good brand story can be the single driving force that pushes your business to the top, it is that powerful.

When choosing a brand or company to work with, we consider emotional factors whether we realize it or not. We want to know if the company we are working with actually cares about solving our problems and not just selling us a product. Take one of my personal experiences as an example.

When I decided to start buying Jo Malone, my first shopping location was at Nordstrom, Oak Brook. I found so many brands that I had purchased previously, but this brand stuck out differently. I was emotionally connected to the product because of the story behind her creating her own product at home, and giving it as thank you gifts.

The lady (who previously owned the business) had her brand story centred on her personal life experience. Her business took off when she gave her nutmeg and ginger bath oil as a thank you to her clients and the orders began to flood in. The brand’s signature cream packaging with black edging remains iconic today.  I grew very much in love with the brand story and the experience I had each time I visited the Jo Malone Boutique. Finally, she decided to sell it in 2006, she sold it to Estée Lauder in its entirety. Because of this, she decided to start up her company, In 2011 she announced the launch of her new fragrance company – Jo Loves. Because, she understood that there were other women out there, looking for those solutions she discovered that fragrance was her true passion. That struck an emotional chord within me. Were her products the best out of all the other ones? Most likely not. Did I end up buying from her though? Definitely.

Stop thinking about your brand story as a necessity and start thinking of it as:

  • A personality that potential clients can relate to
  • The reason you and your team stay motivated
  • What your clients would believe is the reason why your company came to be
  • Clear insight into the lives of you and your team- building a more intimate connection unlike the thousands of faceless brands out there
  • The ultimate conversion tool that will grab readers and web surfers and turn them into customers

Your brand story is your initial opportunity to create a connection with any potential customer that finds his/her way to your page. You have to strike, hard. A free Discovery Call has been provided to help you map out yours. Check below for details on how to get it scheduled here…Discovery Call

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